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Vehicles are one of the most sought-after assets in the United States of America – it’s safe to say that everyone, all around the world, wants a vehicle to transport themselves wherever they so choose. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough money to purchase a vehicle outright with cash. As such, they either enter a financing agreement that results in the transfer of ownership, or a lease agreement that doesn’t transfer ownership, although they do allow lessees to benefit from some of the market’s newest vehicles.

But what can you do when your lease ends?

Most people decide that they want to return the vehicle as part of the lease agreement.
Others choose to swap the formerly-leased vehicle for yet another lease. As lessees typically enter end-of-lease purchase deals with built-in equity, this option secures a nice car for cheaper than market value, in most cases.
For those who simply haven’t had enough of their leased vehicles – extend the lease.
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